Here are our currently available fabrics! Our custom handmade masks are made to order $12 for 2 Layer, $15 for 3 Layer with filter pocket! Sizes to fit every face. Each mask comes standard with a nose wire and soft strings with adjustable slide locks for the most comfortable and custom fit.
Can be worn either around the head strap or ear loop style!
Cat toys $4.50 for small chasers, Nip Knots and Sizzle Sticks $8 for large kickers. Ask about our HEAVY DUTY toys for rough kitties
Balsam and lavender sachets $6.50
Placemats $15 each
Marble mazes $10 each
Scrub caps $15
Hair scrunchies $4
Large scrunchies $8
Cat harness $30
Cat leash $15
Cat collar $15
Pet Bow Tie $8
15x17x4 Tote Bags $55
Tarot Deck Bags $18
Doggie Diapers price determined by size!
$5 to ship most places! Let us know what we can make for you! ❤️